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The Good Letting Agency has a proud history of working with some of the leading property developers in the UK.

developerlogosOur clients have trusted us to let hundreds of newly built properties for not only them but their property investors, offering both a let only service for developers with in-house property management teams and a full management service for developers without their own lettings operations. Our experience of dealing directly with developers over the years has given us an understanding of what levels of service they require, their high expectations and most importantly the ability to deliver the same high quality experience that they offer to their own customers.

Selling a property to an investor should not be the end of their enjoyable customer service experience – it should be the beginning. Investors often acquire their investment properties to serve them well over many years to come. They entrust the developer to provide them with an excellent investment for the future, and equally they then need to entrust a professional, experienced letting agency to assist them along the way. They need that agency to find them with high quality Tenants, achieve high rents, excellent rental yields and to maintain their properties to the highest of standards over the life of that investment, enabling them to hopefully increase the property’s  capital value as much as market forces allow. They often act as pension plans to Landlords and investors who therefore rely on a regular stream of income with little or no void periods. To achieve this they require their letting agency to be organised, to plan ahead and to monitor market conditions in order to ensure they are maximising their investment.

At The Good Letting Agency, our developer partners and their investors receive this, and more. They will be allocated a dedicated client manager who will be their main point of contact, providing weekly updates on available properties and news of new Tenancy applications, maintenance issues and renewals of contracts always in good time. Good communication is the key to success when letting and managing property, and as our name suggests we aim to keep that promise at all times. By helping your investors to find the right agency, and being able to confidently point them in the right direction when looking for assistance in letting their property, they will then have the confidence to return to you in the future after having received a thorough, comprehensive experience from beginning to end. Do not let all your hard work in finding your clients suitable investment properties be undone when they go on to receive a less than adequate service from their letting agent, potentially ruining their overall experience. Secure your future business and see your clients remain loyal when they know they are dealing with a trusted developer who can not only provide them with their ideal property investment, but can guide them through every step of the letting process, an often more daunting experience than purchasing the property itself.

loyaltyWe also want to be able to reward you for your loyalty in our company, and the much appreciated business you send our way. Our developer loyalty schemes enable you to achieve additional income streams to your business for the life of the property, so long as your client uses our services to let and manage their investment. And more than often, you can earn more by sending client referrals our way than managing the properties in house given all the additional costs to do this, i.e. staff, premises, software, legislative requirements, advertising etc. Let the experts in their field take on the responsibility of what is involved, just as we know that you as developers are experts in your field at providing your clients with fantastic, investment opportunities. For more details, contact our Developer team and we will be delighted to discuss your requirements and talk about how we can build a long lasting, future partnership based on trust, service and complete satisfaction.